So not really had anything to write about for the last few weeks, Nothing Important seems to have happens Bitcoin seems to be holding steady and no other projects seem to look that interesting. Anyway I had problems with my mobile (SD card failed on me) and I decided to make backups of everything, low and behold I seem to take a hell of a lot of photos of random stuff, I don't know if anyone else is the same but I very very rarely delete photos even the blurry bad ones, as I often find some of them to be the best. You know the ones where all the background is way out of focus but a single point is in focus and it looks so Epic it makes you shiver. Well I'm going to be putting some of my favorite pics iv taken up in my own little gallery (maybe I'll get some tips) I like taking pics but have never had a good budget for a DSLR so end up with pretty cheap cameras bought as faulty or discounted on eBay for £50... Depressing Right? But its pretty fun all the same. So here it is the best bit of my Photography (These are all my own images free for people to view and use as you wish. Please please if you use them for anything give me a note on it or a tip or even better both 🙂 )
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