Just been watching a documentary on Channel 4 (UK) about the effects Revenge Porn has on people. Quite interesting to watch but my god some of these people need to figure out the internet. Simple fact is the internet can't be compared to real life. Its about time people wake up and smell the Daisy's the Internet is on a different plain to normal humans. You can say what you want on the internet you can Do what you want on the internet and you can be anonymous on the internet. People say things just to upset and anger other people. Like it or not the internet has a dark and sick side (as does every human being) but on the internet there are NO standards so nothing stops you from saying and expressing that dark side, Also the internet is sooo huge that even 1 in a 1000 has damn good odds of meeting a lot of people with the same dark side. If you don't like it or can't handle it (as any 4chan user will say "you need a thick skin") then simple don't use the internet. No matter if the Police get involved or Governments. FBI, CIA, NSA, GCHQ no body can control the internet and in my opinion Nobody has a right to.
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