Well its been a while since i last did an update (not that many people visit here other than troll bots and hackers) but the news is iv finally moved the cloud to its small server where it seems to be pretty happy. iv brought the squallcoin nodes back online so back to all 3 nodes there to use them add them to a squallcoin.conf file addnode=node1.bloginhell.me addnode=node2.bloginhell.me addnode=node3.bloginhell.me that should keep everything pretty nippy on the network for now with a combined network speed of 300mbps (burstable upto 2gbps and DDOS of over 5tbps) pretty impressive if i do say so my self next thing i need to do id find a fun little project to get into, something i can take my time with and enjoy. Happy days to all vm
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