Hipstreet w7 Upgrade to Windows 10

So long story short I wanted to upgrade a Hipstreet w7 tablet from windows 8.1 to the new Windows 10. It was a bit of a challenge and sadly I'm writing this after the upgrade but I'll try explaining it best I can download and prepare yourself You'll need Windows 10 32bit (64bit will NOT work) You'll also need this driver pack .... http://cloud.bloginhell.me/index.php/s/YiT2Ixelxtx57yf (Pulled it off the tablet recovery partition before the upgrade) You'll also need OTG Cable USB Hub USB keyboard and Mouse USB pendrive (8GB is enough) Step 1. Extract Windows 10 32bit .ISO to your pendrive (I used winrar) make sure the pendrive is formated to FAT32 Step 2. Plug the OTG cable in then plug your USB HUB and the keyboard mouse and Windows 10 USB drive into the Tablet Step 3. Boot up the Tablet and start hitting F6 you should get a boot menu Step 4. Select and enter your USB drive and you should see Windows 10 start to install After you've installed Windows 10 you should now be on the desktop Now go to Cortana search and type in "Device Manager" When device manager loads select an "unknown device" and go to "Update Driver Software" Click "Browse My computer for driver software" Select the extracted folder from the driver pack above click next and watch it install You can do this for all the unknown drivers and they will install including the touch screen (needs a restart to activate) Next you want to do the same for the "generic display" under display adapters (this is for both the graphics card and so the tablet can turn the backlight off) After all this you should have a fully working cheap Windows 10 Tablet