USB ASIC Miners Setup Guide – Cgminer

ok quick little guide for Noobs and first timers This works with 99% of USB Miners out there this will ONLY work with CGMINER   1. Download CGminer (Here) 2. Download Zadig (Here) 3. Insert Miner into USB port in either your USB HUB or Computer 4. Wait until windows has done installing what ever crap drivers it wants, most of the time it will say unable to find drivers 5. Open Zadig and click "options" "List All Devices" 6. Find and select your miner 7. Important and often forgot in most guides unplug the device and plug it back in 8. Create a .Bat file for cgminer with your pools settings and stuff in (here if your can be bothered and want one to edit simply extract it from the zip and place it in cgminer folder) 9. Edit and save .Bat file with your miner pool (right click and open with notepad remember to keep it set to all file when saving and not to any .txt format) 10. run the . Bat and watch the mining start    

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  1. Hobert Daddario
    June 8, 2016 at 11:28 pm

    Extremely interesting. Thank you.

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