***Update 2/9/2015 Sadly due to the lack of any organisation iv lost pretty much all interest in this coin. The idea is good but the topics are all over the place its still in beta and the VPN only works on Windows Server. I was hoping to test this and offer bandwidth but its gone from a good idea turned into a mess and so limited its almost pointless... I'll keep checking on the project but can say its looking worth while.. Latest post https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=789961 *** Please note i have nothing to do with this project but i do like the idea alot so im helping out a bit with Downloads also i take no responsibility what soever for these downloads you install it at your own risk the files will be the same as the files released by the developer and not altered or changed in anyway   13/08/2014 ┬áBeta version release: Download: vpncoin-1105.rar

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